About us

It all started out of a sense of commitment and genuine responsibility.

Vacances Oh! Soleil is aware that a holiday is above all a dream. That is why our Team has only one objective. Make this dream become TRUE.

Our objective is to leave no stone unturned to fulfill this long cherished dream.

We endeavour and commit yourself and provide to our guests with carefree and relaxing time on the island of Mauritius.

Our vision is to ensure that they have a warm and a “memorable for ever” holiday experience with Vacances Oh! Soleil.

Vacances oh! Soleil was founded in 2006 by Ikbal Kurreemun.

The company aspires today to reach to the top rungs of the ladder through quality services provided in the Mauritian
tourism sector, with a highly dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable and committed staff; Even our foreign staff who perform here in Mauritius have now been staying in Mauritius since a long time.

Our offices provide all support that a client may need, besides we have a hotline contact so that clients may be
assisted any time such a need may arise. We also have a tourism representative in Bordeaux, France.

Vacances Oh! Soleil is a company duly registered by The Registrar of Companies of Mauritius and the company is also
Duly licensed by the Ministry of Tourism & Leisure.


To be recognised as the most preferred tour operator services provider in the Indian Ocean.


To use our specialised, dedicated and professional knowledge and skills to:

  • Offer a comprehensive range of inbound tourism services to potential travellers of all budgets dreaming of visiting Mauritius.
  • Continuously delight travellers and business partners through creative and innovative approaches.
  •  Help in the Protection of Environment and promote Corporate Social Responsibility through offering sustainable tourism services.


  • Deliver quality & friendly tourism services aiming value for money and geared towards entire customer satisfaction.
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Updating of Methods and Procedures implemented throughout the company will be on an ongoing basis so as to make bookings and enjoyment of services easy and less cumbersome, free of heavy formalities.


Vacances Oh! Soleil is committed to making a valuable contribution to our country’s development and welfare,
in line with the National Policy of Mauritius-A Sustainable Island.